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As I noted earlier I've been incredibly fortunate to have worked with very talented individuals over the years. Of the many people I've worked and collaborated with a few deserve special mention.

Lynn Chin, Creative Director Vector7
Lynn was the first designer I hired when I started my own studio. In over ten years working together she taught me more about commitment, loyalty and trust than anyone I've known. Always the first to arrive and the last to leave, Lynn shares credit for the best work the studio produced. I'm proud she continues the tradition of creative excellence she worked so hard to build with me. Best Memory: Lynn and I designing together in the first one-room studio.

Rod McDonald, Type Designer & Lettering Artist
Watching Rod and his partner Gary set display type one character at a time began my lifelong appreciation of type. Rod's infectious enthusiasm for letterforms and willingness to teach a fledgling designer the ropes was an invaluable start that I've never forgotten. Best Memory: Running into Rod late on a snowy Christmas Eve as we both wrapped up long days.

Mir Lada, Photographer & Digital Illustrator
From the first time I stepped into Mir's studio I was inspired by the creativity of everything he touched. I miss the crazed energy, vision and incredible technical mastery that Mir brought to every project we did together. I also miss the baked goods from the cafe around the corner. Best Memory: 20 hour Vector brochure shoot.

Mark Detweiler, User Experience Architect, SAP
Without doubt the most reasoned, literate, and calm design professional I've had the good fortune to work with. Mark led the UCDG team at Ariba for it's first four years of existence and demonstrated an openness to ideas, criticism and dialog that's without equal. I can't say I measure up to Mark's example, but his approach and style is never far from my thoughts. Best Memory: Cool glasses and great jazz.

Kevin Bury, Design Manager, Yahoo Hot-Jobs
Positively the most positive UI designer I've ever met. Kevin brings enormous energy and discipline to bear on the problem confronting his end users. I think he had a prototype underway before he started at Ariba and throughout our years working together he maintained a commitment to excellence that never wavered. Best Memory: Climbing Vista point together for the first time.